Apex International

Application Process

Application Process

We have an exhaustive briefing session that will help students become self-sufficient, and mentally prepare them to live in a completely different environment and country. We advise you on the culture of the country and appropriate decorum and behaviour that they will need to maintain to blend in with the locals. Also included, will be a list of what to find where, things to do in and around campus, supermarkets, hospitals, medical emergency protocol, banking, means of communication etc.

Post-Landing Services

This is an integral part of our services that will make matters easier for you on arrival in a new country. We will have our trusted agents at the airport, to pick you up and take you to your temporary/university accommodation. We will assist you in opening a bank account and getting a local SIM card, which will be integral to helping you keep in touch with friends and Family. We will also follow up with the university and you’re Family to ensure that everything is in place and you’re settled

Get the right student health cover while studying abroad

Congratulations! You’ve made a wonderful Decision to study abroad. We are Here to Make the process easy and Perfect, Finding the Best Cover

for your needs.

Student Health Cover is Most Essential;

  1. It helps cover you for medical expenses while you’re studying abroad, including:
  • Doctor visits
  • Hospital
  • Emergency Ambulance
  • Prescription medicine 
  • For some countries, you will need health insurance before you can apply for your Student Visa

Get the student Health care stress-free with Apex International; 

We’ve done the hard work of selecting quality health cover providers wherever you choose to study in Australia, Canada, UK, USA, New Zealand, European Union, Philippines etc.

Apply online for a quick turnaround 

You can apply online and have a policy confirmation or if you need a little extra help, Apex counsellors to Help and organise your health cover with you. 

Once it’s done, you can rest assured that you’ve made the best decision for your journey. You can move to the next job on your list!

Compare and find the health cover for your needs 

Compare and choose the most relevant, affordable health cover or insurance for your Needs. Our Business partner’s policies meet the strict conditions that registered health funds must comply to provide high quality cover for international students. 

Student Banking

Getting you Finances organised is most important factor, with Apex you can simplify the process while in another country.

Keep your money safe and secure as you study with an Public Bank account.

  • You can open a Bank account before you arrive in any country with some banks, to make things easier when you get there.
  • When you open a bank account your bank will need to identify you – take your passport into a bank branch to do this. You’ll also be asked to provide your tax identification number from your home country.
  • Most banks offer specialist products or discounts for students -– take your student ID or letter of enrolment with you when you visit the bank branch to access these.
  • Mobile banking / Phone pay / Google pay / Amazon pay is widespread all over the world  making it easy to pay your friends using their phone number, or pay in shops by tapping your mobile.

We’ve teamed up with Commonwealth Bank to make it easy for you to set up your Banking Needs. Your Apex counsellor can guide on how to set up your Finances Before you Departure to the desired country.

Part-Time Work Advice

If you need to work on the side to supplement your pocket Money/Tuition Fee, we will advise you to choose your country accordingly. Some countries do not allow international students to work part-time, while there are many countries that do. We will update you on the work options within the university and opportunities that can be pursued in your neighbourhood. But at No extra Cost, should your Job suites your academic schedule and Performance.