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MS/MBA Courses

Master of Science (MS / MBA) Courses List Top Specializations

  • MS in Computer Science. Computer Science (CS) offers a lot many further specialization’s for the students to choose .
  • MS in Embedded Systems.
  • MS in Wireless Communications.
  • MS in Power Engineering.
  • MS in Management Information Systems.
  • MS in Game Design and Game Development.
  • Healthcare administration.
  • Engineering.
  • Computer and information sciences.
  • Nurse anesthesia.
  • Human resources management.
  • Physician assistant.
  • Mechanical / Electrical
  • Marketing / Engineering Management
  • Information science / Public Health.
Computer Science & Information Technology:

Check out the most preferred courses in computer science and information technology:

DomainSpecializationDegree typeDuration
Computer Science & Information TechnologyMasters of Science in Computing ScienceM.Sc1 year
Advanced Computer ScienceM.Phil9 months
Artificial IntelligenceM.Sc2 years
IT Security ManagementM.Sc1.5 yrs
Strategic IT ManagementM.Sc1.5 yrs
Computational Fluid DynamicsMasters1 year
Digital MediaM.Sc1 year
Data ScienceM.Sc1 year
Digital ArchaeologyM.Sc1 year
Cyber SecurityM.Sc2 year

Check out our list of engineering courses in the UK which are popular among international students:

DomainSpecializationDegree typeDuration
EngineeringElectrical EngineeringM.Eng.4 years
Civil EngineeringM.Eng.4 years
Innovation EngineeringM.Eng.4 years
Mechanical EngineeringM.Eng.4 years
MathematicsM.Eng.5 years
Advanced Control and Systems EngineeringM.Eng.2 years
Internet of Things (IoT) TechnologiesM.Eng.2 year
Wireless Communication SystemsM.Eng.1 year
Electronic EngineeringM.Eng.4 years
Mechanical Systems EngineeringM.Eng.3 years


Find the list of courses from architecture that you can pursue in the UK:

DomainSpecializationDegree typeDuration
ArchitectureMaster in ArchitectureMaster2-5 years
ArchitectureM.A.2 years
Conservation studiesM.A.1 years
Building SurveyingMSc2 years
History of Art (Architectural History and Theory)M.A.1 years
English Building HistoryM.A.3 years
Interior architecture and designM.A.1 years
Arts & Design:
DomainSpecializationDegree typeDuration
Art & DesignCreative TechnologiesMSc/M.A.1 years
Games Art & DesignM.A.1 years
Research Art & DesignM.A.1 years
Art & Design in EducationM.A.1 years
Art & DesignM.Phil.3 years
Creative ComputingMSc1.3 years
Fine Art & DesignM.Phil.2 years
IllustrationM.A.1 years
Craft EditingMaster1 years
Visual Communication Design (Management)M.A.1 years
PaintingM.A.1 years
Graphic DesignM.A.1 years
CinematographyM.A.1 years
Film makingM.A.1 years
Film ProductionM.B.A.1 years
DirectingM.A.1 years
Web Design and DevelopmentPostgraduate Certificate1 years
AnimationM.A.1 years
Design InformaticsMaster1 years
User Experience DesignM.A.1.3 years
Digital Product DesignMaster1 years
Business Administration & Management:

Find the Most Popular Business Administration & Management Courses Below:

DomainSpecializationDegree typeDuration
Business Administration & Management:Master of Business AdministrationM.B.A.1.5 years
International ManagementM.B.A.10 Months
Master of Business Administration in FinanceM.B.A.1 Year
Global MBA (Sales Management)M.B.A.1.5 Year
Global MBA (International Business)M.B.A.1.5 Year
Executive MBAM.B.A.2 Year
International MarketingM.B.A.1 Year
Sport Business and ManagementM.Sc2.5 Years
Supply Chain Management and Global LogisticsM.Sc1 Year
Construction project managementM.Sc1 Year
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