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Engg & Management In Germany

Engg & Management In Germany

Capital: Berlin
Largest City: Berlin
Official Language: German
Currency: Euro
Climate: Temperate

Why study in Germany

Germany is known to be one of the biggest educational hubs in the world due to its highly acclaimed degrees and excellent academic standards. The country has a flourishing economy with even more flourishing career opportunities. For aspirants with good academic credentials, this country is a treasure chest. The universities are highly ranked and offer diverse disciples at very affordable prices. Merit students can even apply for a scholarship and avail free education. Students can reserve hostels and shared apartments or live on their own to enjoy an exquisite lifestyle. The food and climatic conditions are also very favorable for Indians. Another notable advantage is the English dialect being common in Germany which adds to the comfort of living.
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Cost of Studying in Germany

The primary factor of Apex International that we often ponder upon is the tuition fee of the program along with the cost of living in the chosen country. Sometimes, it is not feasible for everyone to choose a course which is easy on the pocket as well. Known as the land of poets and thinkers, Germany has set a unique example for other countries by providing free education. With an aim to provide education to children belonging to the varied background, the Government of Germany, since 2014, has been offering free education across its public universities without compromising the quality of academic programs. This blog will elucidate the varied details regarding the cost to study in Germany at both public and private institutions of the country.

Bachelors in Engineering in Germany: Eligibility Criteria
  • Qualifications: Completed 12 years of high school education with minimum average marks of 50%. 
  • Admission tests: Students have to clear the entrance test Hochschulzugangsberechtigung (HZB) or other subject-specific entrance exams of the university.
  • English language tests: Minimum scores for TOEFL (internet-based)-550, TOEFL (paper-based)-83 or IELTS-6.5
  • German Language proficiency: C1 of CEFR/ DSH II in case the language of instruction is German
  • Documents required: International students need to submit the following documents along with application:
    • High school-leaving certificate
    • Proof of standardized tests like SAT/ACT may be required
    • Academic transcripts
    • Letter of recommendation

Additionally, students who have passed entrance exams in their home country have added advantages as well.

Fees and Funding for Bachelors in Engineering in Germany

Apart from public universities, private universities in Germany have tuition fees in the range of 20,000 EUR to 25,000 EUR. This is exclusive of the cost of living in the country. Hence, students can look for scholarships available for bachelor students in Germany as well. 

Engineering Colleges in Germany: Postgraduate programs

Postgraduate programs in Engineering are mostly taught in English with a few partially or exclusively taught in German. The programs usually last for 1.5 to 2 academic years and include an expanse of the practical and knowledge-based education process. The following is an insight into engineering colleges in Germany offering master’s programs. 

Masters in Engineering in Germany: Eligibility Criteria

Students may be vying for studying in Germany, but before the plans are set they need to check the eligibility for engineering. Here’s an insight: 

  • Academic qualification: A bachelor’s degree in a relevant field with good academic standing is required for an international student planning to study in Germany. 
  • English Language Requirements: Minimum score for TOEFL (internet-based): 88/ IELTS: 6.5
  • German Language requirements: TestDAF certificate or B1 level of German language certificate

Documents required: All masters applicants need to provide the following documents:

  • Letter of motivation
  • Letter of recommendation
  • Completed resume
  • Bachelor’s degree certificate
  • Academic transcripts with clear explanation of applied grading system
  • Evidence of English and German language proficiency
Mechanical Engineering Programs
  • Automotive Engineering
  • General Mechanical Engineering
  • Computational Mechanical Engineering
  • Automation & IT
  • Mechatronics Engineering
  • Technical Management
  • Computation Engineering
  • Global Production Engineering
  • International Technology Transfer Management
Electrical & Electronics Engineering Programs
  • Electrical Engineering and Information Technology
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Microsystems
  • Control & Information systems
  • Electrical & Electronics Engineering
  • Communication & Signal Processing
  • Information & communication systems
  • Scientific Instrumentation
  • Microelectronics & Microsystems
Computer Science programs
  • Computer Science
  • Data Knowledge Management
  • Software Engineering & Management
  • Computer Science & Communication Engineering
  • Software Engineering
  • Information Systems
  • Computer Science (SAP)
  • Information Technology
Biotechnology Programs
  • Agro biotechnology
  • Animal Biology & Biomedical Sciences
  • Biomedical Engineering
  • Biology & Biomedical Sciences
  • Molecular Life science
  • Bioinformatics & Systems Biology
  • Molecular Medicine
  • Systems Biology of Brain & Behavior
  • Hospital & health Care management
  • Bio- and Pharmaceutical Analysis
Chemical Engineering Programs
  • Process Engineering & Energy Technology
  • Water Resources Engineering and Management
  • Water Science
  • Material Science
  • Chemical Engineering & Process Systems
  • Polymer Material Science
  • Chemical & Process Engineering
Management Programs
  • International Management
  • International Business & Mgmnt
  • Transport Management
  • International Business
  • MBA & Engineering
  • International Marketing
  • MS in Economics
  • MS in Quantitative Economics
  • International finance Global Mgmnt
  • MBA Aviation Management
Biotechnology Programs
  • Agro biotechnology
  • Animal Biology & Biomedical Sciences
  • Biomedical Engineering
  • Biology & Biomedical Sciences
  • Molecular Life science
  • Bioinformatics & Systems Biology
  • Molecular Medicine
  • Systems Biology of Brain & Behavior
  • Hospital & health Care management
  • Bio- and Pharmaceutical Analysis
Enhanced Services For The Universities & Institutes
  • Guiding and counseling eligible students on course, entry requirements, cost, fee and refund policies, course completion requirements, campus life and all other relevant information pertaining to their studies.
  • Receiving applications for admissions, screening for their completeness and forwarding them through recognized courier companies (DHL, TNT, UPS)
  • Facilitating visits of university / college representatives for conducting interviews/ spot admission / to participate in events.
  • Sending market reports and database of prospective students.
University List Germany
Below you will find a list of web addresses for some well known universities
  • Technische Universit?t M?nchen (TUM) (Technical University of Munich)
  • Ludwig Maximilians Universit?t, M?nchen (University of Munich)
  • Universit?t Heidelberg
  • Freie Universit?t Berlin
  • University of G?ttingen
  • Aachen University of Technology
  • Berufsakademie Ravensburg
  • Christian-Albrechts-Universit?t
  • Dortmund University
  • Dresden Technical University
  • Ernst-Moritz-Arndt-University Greifswald
  • Europa-Universit?t Viadrina Frankfurt (Oder)
  • Fachhochschule Fulda
  • Fachhochschule Karlsruhe
  • Fachhochschule Reutlingen, Hochschule f?r Technik und Wirtschaft
  • Frankfurt University
  • Friedrich Schiller Universit?t, Jena
  • GISMA Business School
  • Heinrich-Heine-Universit?t D?sseldorf
  • Humboldt-University, Berlin
  • Institut f. Semantische Informationsverarbeitung
  • Johannes Gutenberg Universit?t, Mainz
  • Julius-Maximilians-Universit?t, W?rzburg
  • Katholische Universit?t Eichst?tt
  • Martin Luther Universit?t Halle-Wittenberg
  • Medical University of Luebeck
  • Otto von Guericke Universit?t, Magdeburg
  • Ruhr-Universit?t Bochum
  • Technische Hochschule Darmstadt
  • Technische Universit?t Berlin
  • Technische Universit?t Braunschweig
  • Technische Universit?t Chemnitz-Zwickau
  • Technische Universit?t Clausthal
  • Technische Universit?t Dresden
  • Otto Beisheim School of Management
  • Technische Universit?t Hamburg-Harburg
  • Technische Universit?t Ilmenau
  • Technische Universit?t M?nchen
  • Universit?t Augsburg
  • Universit?t Bamberg
  • Universit?t Bayreuth
  • Universit?t Bielefeld
  • University Bonn
  • University Bremen
  • University Duisburg
  • University Freiburg
  • University Gesamthochschule Essen
  • University Gesamthochschule Kassel
  • University Hamburg
  • University Hannover
  • University Hildesheim
  • University Kln
  • University Kaiserslautern
  • University Karlsruhe
  • University Konstanz
  • University Leipzig
  • University Mannheim
  • University Passau
  • University Potsdam
  • University Regensburg
  • University Rostock
  • University Stuttgart
  • University Tbingen
  • University Trier
  • University Ulm
  • University der Bundeswehr M?nchen
  • University des Saarlandes
  • University, Hohenheim
  • University – GH Paderborn
  • Universitaet des Saarlandes
  • University of Giessen
  • University of Marburg