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Engg & Management In Italy

Engg & Management In Italy

Largest City:Metropolitan City of Milan
Official Language:Italian
Climate:Mediterranean climate

Why study in Italy

Fostering the reform of European higher education, today, Italy is one of the most sought-after study destinations. It’s affordable in terms of living costs and also studies. It has an outstanding education system that emphasizes excellence in research, science, and creativity. This education hub of Europe is home to 40 universities that are highly ranked. Renowned scientists and researchers teach in these universities helping students achieve the biggest milestones in life under their mentorship. The universities here offer multiple disciples and there are so many English-taught degrees that you can pick from. Fashion, Architecture, Computer Science, Marketing are some of the popular ones. 

This country is the birthplace of renaissance art and if you are someone who loves art and fashion, it’s a perfect destination for a thriving life. Your international student status gives you the privilege to explore the country’s rich heritage. As for the food, who doesn’t love to have pizzas and pasta in the most authentic form. 

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Mechanical Engineering Programs

  • Automotive Engineering
  • General Mechanical Engineering
  • Computational Mechanical Engineering
  • Automation & IT
  • Mechatronics Engineering
  • Technical Management
  • Computation Engineering
  • Global Production Engineering
  • International Technology Transfer Management

Electrical & Electronics Engineering Programs

  • Electrical Engineering and Information Technology
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Microsystems
  • Control & Information systems
  • Electrical & Electronics Engineering
  • Communication & Signal Processing
  • Information & communication systems
  • Scientific Instrumentation
  • Microelectronics & Microsystems

Computer Science programs

  • Computer Science
  • Data Knowledge Management
  • Software Engineering & Management
  • Computer Science & Communication Engineering
  • Software Engineering
  • Information Systems
  • Computer Science (SAP)
  • Information Technology

Chemical Engineering Programs

  • Process Engineering & Energy Technology
  • Water Resources Engineering and Management
  • Water Science
  • Material Science
  • Chemical Engineering & Process Systems
  • Polymer Material Science
  • Chemical & Process Engineering

Management Programs

  • International Management
  • International Business & Mgmnt
  • Transport Management
  • International Business
  • MBA & Engineering
  • International Marketing
  • MS in Economics
  • MS in Quantitative Economics
  • International finance Global Mgmnt
  • MBA Aviation Management

Study In Italy


How Indian students can Apply for Scholarships Programs to study abroad International Scholarships Program for Indian Students – The decision to attend college in another country can be a difficult one to make. Being far away from your friends and family and being thrust into an unfamiliar environment is tough. Add in the problems of linguistic and cultu ral differences, even among fairly similar nations, as well as the high cost of studying and you can see how it might be both mentally and emotionally taxing to be an international student.


Scholarships and other financial can help take care of at least one of these concerns, but knowing where to look for such opportunities can also be a challenge. How do you find international student scholarships Where do you start looking for money for college if you plan to study internationally Do you apply for aiding your home country or in the country you travel to What assistance is offered to international students Scholarships are the primary form of financial assistance available to students who wish to study in another country.


Organizations exist to grant scholarship awards to students from the U.S. who wish to spend anywhere from a semester to four years attending college in another country, as well as students from other countries who wish to complete a portion of their studies in the United States. The best way to find out about international student scholarships is to do a scholarship search. Indian Students should also check with the school they’ll b e attending to find out about other available scholarships for international students. Scholarships and other forms of financial aid are out there if you know where to look. Start early and be diligent and you might be surprised by all the international student scholarship you’ll find. Details about few scholarships available for international students are as below:

Italian Scholarships

In Italy, all international students are entitled to the same financial assistance services as Italian students based on same requisites of financial means and/or merit. There are government scholarships at the national and regional level to which international students can apply for. Moreover, some Italian Universities offer

Italian scholarships for international students

Italian Government Scholarships for Foreign Students

Italian Government Scholarships for Foreign Students

The Italian Government awards scholarships for studying in Italy both to foreign citizens and Italian citizens resident abroad (IRE). Scholarships can be awarded only for study/ research projects at institutions within the Italian public education and research system. The scholarships are available for University degree courses (Undergraduate and Postgraduate), Advanced vocational training, art and music courses, Masters Degree courses (Levels I or II), Ph.D. Courses, Specialisation Schools, Research under academic supervision, Courses on Italian language and culture or courses for teachers of Italian as second language. The “Invest your Talent in Italy” programme, supported by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and by the Italian Ministry for Economic Development, offers students from India, Turkey, Brazil, Colombia and South Africa the opportunity to develop their skills and specialize through a range of Master’s and postgraduate degree courses in ICT, Management and Design at prestigious Italian universities. The best students will be offered scholarships, sponsored by partners and main corporate sponsors.

Bologna University Study Grants for International Students

The University of Bologna offers study grants to deserving international students who wish to register for First Cycle (Bachelors), Second Cycle (Masters) or Single Cycle Degree Programmes at the University of Bologna. Each study grant is awarded for one academic year and amounts to a total of 11,059, gross of all charges for the beneficiary’s account.

University of Pavia International Scholarships for Developing Country Students

The University of Pavia (UNIPV), in order to promote international cooperation with the Developing Countries, offers scholarships for selected Masters Studies at the University of Pavia or at the Institute for Advanced Study of Pavia (IUSS). The scholarships are targeted to students coming from a developing country classified as low-income economy or as a lower-middle-income economy by the World Bank. Each scholarship is worth about 7.000.

Bocconi University Scholarships for International Students

Bocconi University offers scholarships to international students enrolling in any eligible Bachelor’s Program or Master of Science Program at Bocconi. The scholarships are awarded based on their family’s economic condition. The scholarship includes full tuition waiver worth up to 11,500 per year for Bachelor’s Program and up to 12,000 per year for Master’s of Science Program.

Politecnico de Milano Merit-Based Scholarships for International Students

Every year, Polytechnics di Milano offers a number of merit based scholarships to the most talented international candidates admitted to a Master of Science programme starting during the 1st semester of the academic year. Students obtaining a scholarship will have to pay only an administrative fee of about ?200. Scholarships of ?5.000 to ?10.000 per year could be awarded on top of tuition fee waiver depending on previous academic qualifications.

University Cattolica Scholarships for English Taught Masters Program

Scholarships are being offered to international students pursuing eligible English-taught Masters Programmes offered at Universidad Cattolica. All scholarships are assigned on a merit basis and will be mostly given to students who apply by the priority deadline. The scholarships range from 1,750 – 7,500 in value.

University of Padova Scholarships for All Degree Courses

The University of Padova can handle regional funds to finance low-income students, both Italian and foreign, who have a good academic record and pursuing a degree at the University. The scholarship consists partly of money and partly of services, such as accommodation and meals at the University canteens. Italy’s historic treasures and magnificent cuisine continue to draw visitors as they have done for centuries. From the snow-capped Dolomites in the North to the warm maritime Mediterranean culture of the South, Italy’s regions are diverse and exciting. For the international student seeking world-class but affordable education, with a wide range of social and leisure activities, few countries are as exciting a choice as Italy. The country’s cultural importance extends back to ancient times and the past greets the student of history and archaeology on every street corner. For many, Rome is still the Eternal City, the centre of an empire that – some 2,000 years ago – stretched from rainy Britannia to the deserts of Syria. At its height it also encompassed Egypt, much of North Africa and nearly all of Continental Europe. Italy’s Ancient Roman monuments, magnificent as they are, tell only part of the story. The Renaissance of the 14th to 17th century originated in Italy (as the Rinascimento) and sparked innovation and revolutions in art, architecture, philosophy, religion and the sciences across Europe. Intellectual activity and creativity flourished, carrying gems of ancient and medieval thought into the modern world.

Studying at a university in Italy

It’s perhaps not surprising that many international students feel instantly at home in Italy. The University of Bologna has been welcoming students since 1088 – it is the oldest university in the world and its foundation gave the city one of its nicknames: la dotta, “the learned one”. Bologna remains at the leading edge of academic innovation in the 21st century. The Bologna Process was initiated in the city, and has established a set of standards for excellence in higher education across the European Higher Education Area ( EHEA). Italian universities take pride in their heritage and rankings. The University of RomeTor Vergata offers more than a dozen international degree courses that are taught in English. Founded only in 1982, Tor Vergata was ranked one of the best young universities in Europe, and is known for high student satisfaction and far-above-average employment rates of its graduates. Italy is also home to some of the best business schools in Europe, including the prestigious SDA Bocconi in Milan, the country’s financial capital. Its MBA programmes frequently top global and European rankings, and many top business leaders are among its alumni. These and many other universities in Italy are stepping up efforts to accelerate their internationalization and offer degree programmes specifically for international students. There are currently more than 500 English-taught study programmes available in the country. And every year, there are more and more options to study in Italy in English.


Cost of living and tuition fees in Italy

Italy is a budget-friendly study destination in Europe. While the cost of accommodation and living can be high in large cities like Rome or Milan, smaller cities are much cheaper. Larger universities usually offer support in finding accommodation; with luck you might get a place in a cheap student home. Compared to other countries in Europe, Italy’s public universities are also relatively cheap. On average, public universities in Italy charge around 1,000 EUR per year. Top-ranked prestigious universities might charge more. A special case is the University of Rome Tor Vergata, where tuition fees are tied to your family’s financial situation: Based on the income, you are charged from a low minimum around 150 EUR to a maximum of around 5,000 EUR per year.

Student life in Italy

Italians are known to be welcoming, open people. You will make local friends quickly. And they will teach you that eating out and enjoying high-quality, healthy food are fundamental to la dolce vita (“the sweet life”) for every Italian. Although you will get by with only a handful of words and phrases in Italian, English is not widely spoken outside the academic context, and you will definitely benefit from taking some lessons in Italian before and during your stay. That is especially true if you should decide to stay and work in Italy after graduation. Cultural activities include everything from traditional local festivals to major international sporting events. Italian night life is always lively, especially in cities. In summer, the majority of people head for the sea or countryside. For quality of life, unforgettable, charming Italy provides value for any student.

Universities in Italy

  • Ca’ Foscari University of Venice
  • Global Campus of Human Rights
  • LUISS University
  • Politecnico di Milano
  • Politecnico di Torino
  • Sant’Anna School of Advanced Studies
  • Sapienza University of Rome
  • SDA Bocconi School of Management
  • University IULM Milan
  • University of Bologna
  • University of Florence
  • University of Milan
  • University of Naples Federico II
  • University of Padua
  • University of Pisa
  • University of Rome Tor Vergata
  • University of Trento
  • University of Turin
  • University of Verona
Have you ever thought about studying in a country where you can have almost everything just around the corner such as skiing, beaches, and maybe the most amazing historical sites and art creations in Europe? Did you often think you’d like to go further with your language skills and not just talk in English with everyone? Just going in a place where you would have to learn to speak the local language? Well then, you should look for a study option in Italy! Italy has a welcoming environment, fantastic attractions and draws a large number of exchange students annually. Italy is a popular international study location not just due to its high multicultural ambiance, but the country also has several top universities. Besides the obvious reasons, such as delicious food, charming streets, diverse natural landscapes and history oozing from every crevasse, studying in Italy is sure to provide more than meets the eye for any study abroad student. With a varied selection of courses and disciplines, international students in Italy can take advantage of all this country has to offer, while pursuing credits in their designated field of interest. The higher education system, student life and estimated costs are all important to keep in mind before choosing a location of study.

Higher Education System in Italy

  • The Higher Education System in Italy is composed mainly of two parts: the university and non-university sectors.

The University Sector

The University Sector is currently composed of 89 institutions, including:
  • 58 State universities
  • 17 non-State universities (which are still legally acknowledged by the State)
  • 2 universities for international students in Italy
  • 6 schools focused on postgraduate studies
  • 6 telemetric universities, with disciplines in technology and information

The Non-University Sector

The Non-University Sector can be classified into four primary groups:
  • Design-related schools, including specialties in polytechnics for the arts, fine arts, applied arts, music conservatories and musical and choreographic studies
  • Higher education in language mediation
  • Higher Integrated Education (FIS), which provide Higher Technical Education and Training (IFTS)
  •  Other miscellaneous disciplines (e.g. archiving, diplomatics, restoration, military studies, etc.) which are outside of the Education Ministry
So, why study in Italy? As a result of these higher education system sectors, it is clear that international students in Italy have plenty of options, regardless of interest. Studying in Italy provides a plethora of options for students and is anything but limiting.

Student Life and Expected Costs in Italy

While many students find themselves studying in Italy due to the aforementioned reasons, another reason, of course, is to improve upon Italian language skills. That being said, fluency is certainly not required. However, it is crucial to take into account intended language desires, as that could have an effect on location and experience. Location put aside, studying in Italy costs money. Estimated expenditures vary based on where you are living (city or village), what kind of apartment you are living in, whether it be with roommates or a single, if you are staying with a homestay or on your own, whether you are living in a prime location or a bit outside the main area and the length of your stay. Fees generally range from $4,000 to $30,000, depending on length of stay, housing, program and your home institution. Considering other costs, such as food, travel and school materials is also essential, so you can put your best foot forward. On the positive side, accessing educational and historical sites are normally discounted for students, as well as select stores and sometimes airfare. So, coming back to the original question, why study in Italy? Just like Italian cuisine, there is something for everyone, of course. Though student life, costs and your part in the higher education system may vary, time spent in Italy is sure to be engaging and fruitful. 12. Italians Lifestyle: On top of all this and despite the country’s political problems, Italians enjoy one of the best lifestyles and quality of life of any European country, or indeed, any country in the world. The foundation of its society is the family and community; Italians are noted for their close family ties, their love of children and care for the elderly, who aren’t dumped in nursing homes when they become a ‘burden’. In Italy, work fits around social and family life, not vice versa. The real glory of Italy lies in the outsize heart and soul of its people, who are among the most convivial, generous and hospitable in the world. Italy is celebrated for its simple, relaxed way of life, warm personal relationships and time for others, lack of violent crime (excluding gang warfare), good manners and spontaneity – Italians are never slow to break into song or dance when the mood strikes them. For sheer vitality and passion for life, Italians have few equals and, whatever Italy can be accused of, it’s never plain or boring. “That taste for life in its fullness, the ability to appreciate beauty and the good things in life, the flair that leads to enjoy the small daily pleasures giving value to every detail, the ars vivendi made of impeccable elegance but never stilted or affected” Italy is highly addictive, and while foreigners may complain about the bureaucracy or government, the vast majority wouldn’t dream of leaving and infinitely prefer life in Italy to their home countries. Put simply, Italy is a great place to live, enjoy the pleasures of life, and raise a family. You know what seem better You will not find such quality of education in affordable rate anywhere else with unique culture and very welcoming people So now you know why you should study in Italy