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Engg & Management in Pondicherry

Engg & Management in Pondicherry

What is Engineering Management

Engineering Management is a job that is extremely well-suited for engineering graduates. It gives students all the skills that an MBA would equip with, but tailor it more to the field of engineering and its applications. It is the perfect way for an engineering graduate to make his resume stand out by reflecting both technical and managerial skills. The course trains the candidate to manage both the work aspect of human resources as well as physical resources, by scheduling them out. It requires essential technical knowledge as well as communication skills to head a team. Engineering management has immense opportunities for growth and gives one a much higher pay than a normal engineering graduate would expect. The work done would entail a lot more than an engineer, and thus, the job opportunities come flooding in too for such graduates.

Course Highlights
Courses mgt. Bachelor of Engineering Master of Technology in Engineering mgt
Bachelor of Technology in Engineering PG Certificate in Engineering ManagementMS in Engineering Management, PG Diploma in Engineering Management
Minimum Duration 4 Years1 Year
Maximum Duration 5 Years2 Years
Admission Criteria 10+2 Examinations as well asBE/BTech Degree in Engineering
 any other Entrance Exam SpecifiedAny Entrance Exam specified
 by the University of Admissionby the University of Admission
Minimum Fees Rs. 40,000 p.a.Rs. 1,00,000
Maximum Fees Rs. 1,50,000 p.a.Rs. 4,10,000
Minimum Salary Rs. 2,50,000 p.a.Rs. 4,00,000
Maximum Salary Rs. 3,50,000Rs. 6,00,000
Jobs Available Industrial Engineer, Process Engineer, Plant EngineerEngineering Project Manager, Senior Lead Analyst, Construction

For an Undergraduate Degree 

  • 10+2 Examinations Certificate plus the marks card with a 50% aggregate of total marks secured, usually from the science stream.
  • Any entrance exam specified by the college of admission.
For a Postgraduate degree in Engineering Management 
  • Since technical knowledge is of utmost importance, a Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering or a Bachelors of Technology is essential.
  • Apart from this, a good ranking in the entrance exams specified, especially GATE, is also required.
  • Most reputed colleges test the student’s quantitative aptitude through these tests, and then the verbal aptitude through an interview, which is the next round before the admission process is complete. These are either done in the form of group discussion or one on one interviews with regard to a variety of topics.
Entrance Exams for Engineering Management Course

For a degree in Engineering Management, there are several entrance exams written that are both private, state level as well as National Exams. It is thus, a highly competitive field. Listed below are some of the common entrance exams written for admission into a post-graduate course in Engineering Management

GATE – this is the Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering, which is a national level entrance exam usually written for admissions into postgraduate courses in some of the most reputed colleges, such as IITs, in the country.

UPSEE – This is the Uttar Pradesh State Entrance Exam for admission into their PG engineering courses.

AP PGECET – This is the Post Graduate Engineering Common Entrance Test, held by the state of Andhra Pradesh for admission into postgraduate courses of colleges in their state.

  • Andhra Loyola Institute of Engineering and Technology, Vijayawada
  • Bapatla Engineering College
  • Chaitanya Engineering College
  • G Pulla Reddy College of Engineering & Technology
  • Gitam University
  • Godavari Institute of Engineering and Technology
  • SRM University Amaravathi Campus
  • Vignan Engineering College
  • Vishnu Institute of Technology
  • VIT University Amaravathi Campus
  • Vignan’s Institute of Information Technology, Visakhapatnam
Scope of Engineering Management in India and Abroad

This course is ideal for candidates excelling in both people skills as well as engineering. It helps them showcase their talents of communication and team management, and use these for work related to the field of engineering. Without such Engineering Management Graduates, it would be hard to ensure completion of the project in the right way at the right time. They are multi-faceted, skilled as well as experienced in professional practice after the completion of the course.

The scope of the course is very underrated. It is the best way for engineering graduates to climb up the ladder in their fields and enter managerial positions. This has a great scope in the business aspect of engineering and can help candidates earn a lot more than they expected with an engineering degree. They are much wanted in today’s work-oriented atmosphere and are trusted with extremely large projects, thus, making the course worth it.

Course Fees Engineering Management
Minimum Fees Maximum Fees
Private GovernmentPrivateGovernment
UG 2.70 Lakhs2.70 Lakhs
PG 1.29 Lakhs9.36 K3.56 Lakhs2.51 LakhsCourse Subjects
Listed below are some of the common subjects covered in the field of Engineering Management 
  • Statistics and Probability
  • Managerial Economics
  • Operations Management
  • Accounting and Financial Management
  • Data Analysis
  • Project Management
  • Technology Management
  • International Business Management
  • Engineering Systems Simulation
  • Design Project Management
Careers in Engineering Management

In order to have efficient managerial skills in any aspect, technical knowledge of the field is of utmost importance. This is a career that ensures one both of it. The course of Engineering Managements is so well rounded that one can find the need for such graduates in almost every field. Thus, the careers available for them are numerous. These careers require the ability to solve technical problems with managerial knowledge which is something that can be achieved only through the above course. It ensures that one can advance their skill sets as well as demand within their own field, with the learning of new skills. Careers in this course require a process of trial and error as well as constant learning. With such an attitude, every candidate in this career is bound to succeed.

Upcoming trends

There are several specializations that an Engineering Management Graduate can engage in. They help shape their careers better and often increase pay due to the greater knowledge that comes with a specialization in Engineering Management.  Listed below are some of the topics that are trending in the field and can be pursued by candidates after graduation in Engineering Management –

· New Venture Management – Deals with the study of entrepreneurial models of business as well as startups, their risk factors and business strategies for them.

  •  Crisis, Emergency and Risk Management – These are very valuable in government sectors and deal with the handling of adversity. They also work towards the analysis of weaknesses in business models as well as ways to prevent them.
  •  Environmental and Energy Management – These deal with the management of energy resources as well as their procurement. In a world that is rapidly running out of fossil fuels, management in their usage and consumption is of utmost necessities, not only to auto companies but also to everyone.
  •  Information Security Management – Deals with the management of privacy and protection of classified information and data. They protect against scams and cybercriminals with efficient planning and strategy.
  • Knowledge Management – Create systems of all information and data that are easily available and accessible to everyone in the company. These contain a paramount of data that requires proper organization and management while being constantly updated.
Job Profiles and Top Recruiters

Based on either their interest or specialization, a graduate of Engineering Management can get recruited in several fields. They have a plethora of job opportunities due to their high demand. A career in this ensures a certain amount of guarantee and stability due to the high positions that are usually offered.

Top Recruiters

There are several companies that need Engineering Management graduates to ensure greater quality as well as productivity. These companies usually have a lot of technical aspects to their manufacturing process and thus, view Engineering Managers as an asset. Here are some of the top recruiters of engineering managers –

  • Microsoft
  • Flipkart
  • DE Shaw
  • Oracle
  • Cognizant
  • Tata’s
  • Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited
Average Salary

Engineering Management jobs usually have a much greater entry-level salary and position in comparison to other jobs. This is what makes it amongst some of the most aspired for degrees in the country. While the average salary ranges from about Rs. 4,00,000 per annum to Rs. 6,00,000 per annum, given below is a job-wise division of the average pay –

Job Title                                     Salary Per Annum
Senior Engineering Manager     Rs. 30,00,000
Engineering Project Manager     Rs. 15,00,000
Engineering Supervisor              Rs. 2,50,000
Senior Lead Analyst                    Rs. 12,00,000
Operations Analyst                      Rs. 6,00,000

**The salary figures mentioned anywhere in this article is just for reference purposes. Please treat them as such. Actual salaries may vary depending on respective candidates, employer, job location and numerous other factors.

Required Skillset for Engineering Management

With the right kind of hard work and perseverance, anyone can excel in the course of Engineering Management. But a few inherent skills are a must to navigate the road bumps in a career in Engineering Management. Listed below are a few pointers that are essential for progress in the field –

  • Good Foresight – Ability to plan ahead and create a time bound schedule for work
  • Conceptual Thinking – To envision different ways of efficient management
  • Analytical Thinking – Ability to understand the issues of engineering management and come up with effective ways to solve it.
  • Technical Knowledge – To understand the working of the various aspects and manage them accordingly
  • Leadership – To command a team of several technicians performing various activities and ensure that they work in unison with each other.
  • Professionalism – Since it is a field of business, professional conduct is essential to ensure the harmonious functioning of the work.
Course Curriculum for Engineering Management

The curriculum of Engineering Management is one that leans largely towards business and finances. It teaches one the essentials of management such as economics and statistics as well as several ways to maximize the management skills. These subjects aid with the process of thinking under pressure as well as understanding the mechanics of the cycle of work.  They enlighten one on every aspect straight from the production to finishing of a project so that students learn how to optimize it as much as possible. Most colleges also expose their students to a hands-on training process in Engineering Management that helps them understand the process of work in the real world.

  • Rajiv Gandhi College of Engineering and Technology
  • Christ Institute of Technology
  • Sri Venkateshwara College of Engineering and Technology
  • Manakula Vinayagar Institute of Technology
  • P.E.C Engineering College
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