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Engg & Management In Sweden

Engg & Management In Sweden

Capital: Stockholm
Largest City: Örebro
Official Language: Swedish
Currency: Swedish Krona
Climate: Temperate 

Why study in Sweden

Sweden is a Scandinavian country in Northern Europe. Sweden has a proven history of academic excellence. The country offers unconventional education that focuses on critical thinking and creativity. The universities have advanced programs that instill a competitive edge to pursue a career. Students are taught about environmental sustainability and trained to face other important global challenges to prepare them for the future. The universities follow a four-day week pattern and help students to engage with research and group projects to give them holistic development. The campuses are beautiful and equipped with modern amenities. The Swedish education system has ranked no.1 in the world, making the country home to some of the world’s best universities. Also, students have no language barrier as all courses are taught in English.

All these benefits come at an affordable tuition fee. Students have unrestricted working rights and international students are even allowed to extend their permit by 6 months to find work opportunities post their studies. 

A lot of successful inventions in the world have originated from Swedish research. Bluetooth, the pacemaker, the dialysis machine, and a range of internet applications have emerged from Sweden. All in all, Sweden offers a high standard of living for both its residents and non-residents.

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How to apply

If you want to study in Sweden, no matter what program at what university, your application will go through the one official, centralised website: https://www.universityadmissions.se/

Visa requirements for students

Students from the EU/EEA can study in Sweden without any visa requirements. If you are from outside the EU/EEA, you may need to obtain a student visa. Check with the Swedish authorities to find out how to meet the legal requirements.

Job market for graduates

Sweden is home to a number of internationally successful corporations – think Volvo, IKEA or H&M – but also to some of the most exciting startups of recent years – think Skype or Spotify. The internationality of such employers as well as the high proficiency of English among Swedes make it fairly easy for qualified international graduates to get the foot in the door of the Swedish job market, even when their knowledge of Swedish is limited. Sweden’s government has also put an effort into decreasing red tape for foreign nationals looking to join the local workforce.


As its Nordic neighbours, Sweden is known for freezing winters and short mild summers. While the winters are long and dark, the summers are particularly rewarding when the sky never really goes dark. In late/mid-June, Swedes celebrate the summer solstice, called “midsommar”.


Sweden is located in the very North of Europe, in between Finland and Norway. Its largest international airport is Stockholm Arlanda with over 170 destinations worldwide. Most smaller university cities in Sweden are close to local airports that can be reached via Arlanda or Stockholm’s second, mostly domestic airport, Bromma. (Word of advice for first-time visitors: Be wary of taxi scammers and always check prices on the sticker in the window. Many things in Sweden are highly regulated, but taxi prices are not.) Sweden also has a well-developed train network and a number of overland bus companies. From the coast, you can also often take ferries to other countries along the Baltic Sea.

Universities in Sweden