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MBBS in the UK – Top Colleges, Tuition Fees, Eligibility, and Scholarships

A detailed guide for Indian students interested in studying on pursuing MBBS in the UK!

MBBS is the most used acronym for Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery. This implies that the course imparts students with complete knowledge of medical science and prepares them to perform surgeries.

The UK is regarded as one of the highly preferred study locations for Indian students aspiring to become specialist doctors after completing MBBS. This blog guides you through the steps of achieving your goal of studying MBBS in the UK.

Program Highlights

Types of MBBS Courses Offered in the UK

BS (Bachelor of Science), ChB, BCh

Admission Criteria

Copies of attested 10+2 mark sheets, Certificate of Diploma in any field,
relevant work experience (if any), updated CV, copies of test scores, and proof of funds

Acceptable Tests


Acceptable Tests for Indian Students


Available Scholarships

Global Health Future Leaders Scholarship, Chevening Scholarship, Hulk York Medical School International Scholarship,
Rhodes Scholarship, Imperial College Faculty of Medicine Scholarship

Course Duration

4-6 years

Average Tuition Fee in GBP

22,800 – 52,000 (Approx)

Estimated Average Annual Salary of MBBS Graduates in the UK

Approx. 76,300 GBP per annum

MBBS in the UK

An MBBS degree in the UK is equivalent to a Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery, commonly known as MB ChB or MB BCh, at certain universities in the UK. The MBBS program focuses on providing students with the professional skills and knowledge required to excel in a career in medicine. The program typically takes 4-6 years to complete.

Why Study MBBS in the UK?

One of the most popular reasons for Indian students to pursue an MBBS in the UK is that they wouldn’t need to pass the Foreign Medical Graduate Examination to practice in their home country. Some of the other key reasons for most Indian students to study medicine in the UK include:

  • UK MBBS graduates have a higher earning potential than those who graduated from other countries. In fact, the UK is the highest paymaster in the world, surpassing nations like Canada and Australia. 

  • Nearly 43 universities in the UK feature in the top 650 medical universities in the world, as per QS News Ranking 2022-23.

Top Medical Colleges in the UK for Indian Students

The following are some of the top medical colleges in the UK that are particularly popular among Indian students pursuing MBBS, as ranked by the QS and Times Higher Education (THE) World University Rankings 2023.

University Name

QS World University Rankings 2023

THE World University Rankings 2023

Next Student Intake

University of Cambridge




University of Oxford




Imperial College London








The University of Edinburgh




The University of Manchester




King’s College London




The London School of Economics
and Political Science (LSE)




University of Bristol




The University of Warwick




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MBBS in UK Cost

It should be noted that the overall expense of obtaining an MBBS degree in the United Kingdom includes additional costs beyond just the tuition fee. The other cost components involved in studying in the UK include:

  1. Cost before admission into the university 

  2. Tuition fee of the course

  3. Cost of living in the UK

A quick look at each of these would help us get a fair idea of the actual expenses involved in the process or the total cost of MBBS in the UK.

Cost Before Admission into the University

This is a single-time payment required from Indian students and needs to be made before the university that they have applied to accepts their application.

Expense Incurred

Approx. Cost to the Student (in GBP)

Fee for IELTS Exam


Fee for NEET


Application Fee

Between 56.66 and 85.49

Fee for TOEFL Exam


Fee for Visa Application


Tuition Fees for MBBS

After making the first one-time payment (as mentioned in the table above), students need to pay the annual tuition fee for MBBS at the university. This fee may vary for each college or university. It is advisable to check the individual fee structure for the course at the university’s official website.

The fee for MBBS in the UK for Indian students would roughly range somewhere between GBP 22,800 and GBP 52,000 per annum. 

Cost of Living in the UK

This cost also varies according to your lifestyle, spending habits, and the place where you live in the UK. For instance, the average cost of living in London would be relatively higher compared to other locations in the country. The estimated living cost in the UK for international students is between GBP 12,000 and GBP 15,600 per annum.   

Eligibility Criteria for Studying MBBS in the UK

A student from India pursuing an MBBS degree in the United Kingdom must meet the following requirements. It is important to note that these requirements may vary slightly from those set for other international students.

  1. Indian students must be certified by internationally recognized boards such as the CBSE or ICSE Boards. They must also have secured over 90% scores from these Boards.

  2. Students must have cleared the required entrance examinations for entry into the UK. These include the Biomedical Admissions Test (BMAT), GAMSAT, or UKCAT (UK Clinical Aptitude Test). 

  3. All students must be 18 years old or higher. 

The following documents need to be submitted for admission into a UK university:

  • Statement of Purpose

  • Photocopy of the scores attained in competitive exams like IELTS, UKCAT, and BMAT

  • Updated CV or Resume

  • Professional work experience, preferably in the concerned field

  • Marksheets of 10+2 and Certificate of Diploma in any field

  • Proof of funds assuring the university of your ability to finance the program.

Scholarships for MBBS in the UK

UK Universities offer a variety of scholarships for MBBS, which makes the program even more affordable and attractive. Note that these waivers on the program fee are offered only based on excellent academic records or any extracurricular achievements. 

Students need to submit the following documents to be considered eligible for the scholarship program:

  • A well-written Letter of Intent

  • Copies of academic records and extracurricular milestones achieved.

  • Certificates of IELTS or TOEFL scores secured.

  • Updated C

MBBS Course Duration in the UK

MBBS programs in the country typically last between 5-6 years, with some exceptions where they may be completed in 4 years. The duration of each program can vary by university, so it’s best to check with the specific university at the time of application.

Jobs for MBBS Graduates in the UK

After finishing the MBBS program, graduates can begin practicing as doctors in the UK by registering with the UK Medical Registrar and obtaining a license to practice. To be eligible for a license, the student must meet certain criteria they are:

  • A primary qualification in the field of medicine

  • A minimum score of 7 in IELTS or equivalent eligible test scores as proof of English proficiency

  • Proof of medical, non-medical, and any other activity undertaken in the last 5 years, or since graduation.

  • A valid and reasonable explanation for any gap(s) in the academic or medical practice years (if applicable)

Below is a list of the potential jobs after MBBS, along with the estimated average annual salaries in GBP and INR for your easy reference:

Job Position for MBBS Graduates

Average Salary Per Annum (in GBP)



General Medical Practitioner


Invasive Cardiologist






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